Welcome to the official repository for Software Development Pakistan! This is supposed to be a main page of information and guidance to people seeking help and advice from other group members, as well as providing a centralized way for the community to get together in one place.

Site Content

The site has content for helping the community in the following sections:

A folder which contains guides for the different fields that might interest you. Head over here if you’re looking to get started in a specific technology.

A kind of place where questions are answered about some common problems, myths, and ideas that people have in Pakistan about Software Development in general. Head over here if you are starting your bachelors in Computer Science / Software Engineering / Information Technology, or just want to read a list of commonly agreed upon opinions in the industry.

Folder which contains in detail guides for the different materials you can look up to while you’re in the learning process for the fields mentioned in the Careers Paths folder.

Posting and community guidelines to make the most out of the platform.

Want to make a difference by contributing? This page has instructions and guidelines.


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Please free feel to reach out in case of questions, suggestions, ideas and any possible issues that may arise.


Most of the ideas and lists presented here are the opinions of the Moderator(s) / Admin(s). Please feel free to disagree, and take away anything that is useful for you. This is just meant to server a beginner’s guide to this huge field, so the target audience here are beginners, students, and hobbyists willing to take the time to understand the field.