Here, we have list down some of the common learning resources for different domains which has been used by both professionals and students alike.

Table of Contents

P.S: Personal advice, while at first glance, the variety and diversity of resources looks fantastic, they can easily overwhelm you in the longer run, and it’s best not advised to learn every single thing mentioned here. Instead, take away from here what is useful for you, and apply that knowledge to what you already know. You’re human, understand that, your time, focus, concentration is important, valuable, and limited. Once you feel like you got a good hang of something, go ahead and change your learning to something else. It might be that reading half a book should do enough for you, or just getting the bascis of something running gives you really good understanding - if that’s the case, go ahead and apply it, and show the world what you know! Anybody can learn, but good projects and excellent work come from creativity, discipline, and a solid plan. Don’t burden yourself with an imposter syndrome, or feelings of not there yet - just keep working on your goals, and one day or another, you’ll have your moment. Keep going!

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# Sources

## Books / Documentation

## Videos