General guidelines.

Contributions are heavily appreciated. It’s the community that makes the group the truly spirited and unique group that it is.

  1. Go ahead and make some edit in a file where you think something additional can be added.
  2. Make that into a Pull Request so that the maintainers can review and approve or reject accordingly.
  3. Want to start a discussion about something that is missing? Make an issue! If the idea is helpful to everyone, we’ll consider adding it into the main master repository.
  4. Each section has its own contribute template that needs to be followed. So if you would like to add a field under Learning Resources, Career Paths, then go ahead the copy the format from their and you can start writing
  5. The MISC folder in Learning Resouces is for very niche topics, not exactly whole fields.

Sending Your First Pull Request

You can check out a whole detailed guide, which could be Your First Pull Request!

Sending Content Directly

If this seem like a lot of work, then you can also contribute by just sending the content to one of the repository maintainers. The list of maintainers is here, located at the bottom.


Q: What’s the difference between Career Paths and Learning Resources? A: Just that Learning Resources is supposed to have quick references and links to other places for information and learning, and Career Paths is supposed to serve as a guide for something completely new to break into the field.