This folder is supposed to serve a purpose as the main page where students, undergraduates, and people generally coming into the field of Computer Science / Software Engineering, can look up information about the different careers, fields, and how to get into them - basically trying to give an overview of what they can learn and what they can do.

Table of Contents

Contribution Template

Copy the content below into a new field folder that you want to write for. The content here is for your guideline, feel free to add or remove any section as you wish.

If you need examples, check the existing career paths documents.

  • Table Of Contents, just your table of contents. They list out all the headings from the files
  • Please Read First, an introductory guide to give you a sense of how to approach the material
  • An Introduction, finally the introduction itself
  • Technologies, the technologies, languages, frameworks, or coding / software related tools
  • General, what the general consensus is about the field
  • Getting Started, how to get started, self explanatory
  • People To Follow, cool and interesting people in the field which you definitely look at what they’re doing
  • FAQ, FAQ asked things that are often confusing for new comers and beginners
  • Learning Materials, alright! So what are the learning materials?
    • Courses, some courses you might wanna consider
    • Books To Look Into, this is for all the bookish people out there
    • YouTube Channels, but if you like visual learning, that’s also there
    • MISC, anything that doesn’t fit above, blogs, list, articles, opinions, slides, lectures etc
  • References, things you should read about if you’re new and want to research more.

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