These community guidelines serve as a guiding principle for the members to help them use the community better, and helps us foster a community which is welcoming yet relevant.

Table of Content

Code of Conduct

  • This Code of Conduct presents a summary of the shared values and “common sense” thinking in our community. The basic social ingredients that hold us together include:
  • Be friendly, patient, and empathetic. (For experts, remember you were once newbies too)
  • Be respectful towards everyone in the community. Conflicts/differences shouldn’t result in bad behaviour or personal attacks.
  • Be inclusive, and careful about the words you choose.
  • Be pragmatic, and collaborative.
  • Support others in the community.
  • Get support from others in the community, keep the discussion to the group if possible. It might help others in future.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Links to pirated software, hacks, illegal ebooks and what not are not allowed

Posting Guidelines

The decision on approving posts on the community is done on post to post basis, however:

The following post types are generally approved, and encouraged:

  • Asking for help (guidance, programming help, opinions, etc) from other members.
  • Relevant links, resources, or videos.
  • Relevant news, tech events, hackathons, market trends etc.
  • Job postings or other relevant professional opportunities.
  • Relevant memes.

The following post types are generally not approved:

  • Repeated content: Make sure to search the group and check F.A.Q before asking a question. (e.g: BC(CS) vs Software engineering?)
  • Posts with missing context, poorly composed posts, or vague need for help. (e.g: Need a react developer, any one working with php?). If you need good responses, you need to write good posts.
  • Asking people to do your academic assignments.
  • Sharing pirated content.
  • Self promotion: As much as we want to see you become successful in your professional endeavours, self promotions end up spamming our members’ feed so they are discouraged. We’ve plans of providing a centralised place for members to promote their skills and services they offer.

What does a good post look like

Make sure you have all the context and information for the target audience, for example:

  • Job posts: Required skills, experience, location and possibly a link to the company.
  • Programming help: Some background about the issue, screenshot/pastebin link to the code, and what is the expected behaviour.
  • Personalized guidance: Your background, and proper explanation about the need for guidance.
  • Software development: Questions about software development are appreciated and encouraged.

Contributing to Community:

Some ways you can contribute to the community:

  • Helping others.
  • Reporting spam/irrelevant content.
  • Inviting relevant members to the community.
  • Sharing relevant content with the community.