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About Stackbit

Stackbit enables features like inline content editing, live previews and collaboration tools for Jamstack sites.

Working with This Theme

This theme is written in Unibit, which is designed to transpile themes to work with multiple static site generators (SSG) such as Jekyll, Hugo & Gatsby.

If you are looking to use this theme on a specific SSG, it is recommended that you use the Stackbit site builder to generate the theme. The site builder will generate the SSG-specific source to your own GitHub repository. You are free to use and modify the generated source however you wish.

Editing This Theme

While we recommend using the site builder to generate a version of the theme for any of the supported static site generators, you can develop locally using the Unibit CLI. For details on how to install and use Unibit, visit the documentation.

Develop Using CodeSandbox

You can also develop this theme in the browser using Unibit via CodeSandbox.

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