This career path is related to Software Development, and covers roles of “Architects” such as Solutions, Enterprise, Data Engineering, Cloud, IoT, etc.

Note: See #51, which is the relevant issue for the creation of this career path.

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Please Read First

Architect is a very broad term and means lot of different things in different contexts. In this page an Architect is someone who designs the systems, have enough relevant experience in the domain and understands the end to end software delivery practices.

An Introduction

According to Wikipedia, “A software architect is a software developer expert who makes high-level design choices and tries to enforce technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.” Any person with designation of Architect is responsible for the long-term planning and decisions which will improve the software application in some way.


Though an Architect generally does not code features but she should be hands on with development in order to understand and lead by example. Enterprise Architect is generally an exception as they work in very high level solutioning and integration of multiple systems. Architects use below technologies to share their vision with greater audience.

  • Diagramming Tools
  • Tech Radar
  • Tech Principles / Guidelines
  • Joint sessions on Solutioning, Interested Parties Reviews
  • Documentation Tools
  • Design, Architectural and/or Integration Patterns


Getting Started

Architect is a very senior role in the sofware engineering career ladder. It require years of hands-on experience as software developer and then eventually transitions into architecturing systems.

People To Follow

These are some of the renouned Architects in the Sofware community.

Gregor Hohpe

A famous writer on the topic of Enterprise Design Patterns and active blogger.


Martin Fowler

He was one of the Software Engineers who developed Agile Menifesto. A very well known Architect / Computer Scientist which has lot of ideas to his name.


Mark Richards


Neal Ford




Learning Materials

Books To Look Into


Youtube Channels

  • [Mark Richards Youtube Channel] (