Cloud Development refers to the modern usage of 3rd party serverless architecture for the sake of diversifying computing resources, and letting 3rd party companies handle the CPU and memory needs while the product itself focuses on the actual development process and cycle.

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An Introduction

The invention or modern usage of Cloud Development refers to the problem that many factors related problems in the sofware development lifecycle. To put it into very brief words,

  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Growing computing needs

With newer technology and fields like machine learning, modern web development and computer graphics rolling out, it became increasingly harder and challenging to maintain the hwardware yourself. The problem goes like this,

With the ever increasing number of customers, you need to have good hardware to meet the needs of those customers. To maintain and keep that hardware upto date, you will need to buy servers and computers, and have someone maintain them for you, and to also keep those upto date, up and running.

As websites transformed in web applications, and new people coming into machine learning needed some good basic hardware to help them to quickly start their journey into Data Science and Big Data, the need for easy access to hardware started to grow even more. That’s the problem that the Cloud attempts to solve. It lets developers focus on the work at hand, while letting the Cloud handle the computing and memory needs that their product needs for quick assessment.

Cloud Development thus basically refers to how you can run containerized applications that everyone can use everywhere, anytime, anywhere, with the only requirement being that you need an internet access to fulfill your needs.


Some basic technologies are already well known as,

  • AWS, most commonely used , market share wise. Heavily used by small businesses
  • Azure, 2nd most commonely used, handled by Microsoft, used mostly by Fortune 500 companies.
  • Google Cloud Platform, newest, as the 3rd most commonely used. Easy for beginners.

Each of these three are very easy to get into, and each have their own programs for students willing to understand and work with their technologies. Each offer their own certifications and work related courses. Do check them out!


Getting Started

You can check AWS-educate for AWS, Microsoft Student Partner and Azure For Students for Azure, and GCP EDU for GCP.

Each of these give you free credits if you use the Github Education Pack.

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Learning Materials

Before you get into using the big 3 tools above, you should get somewhat familiar with the ideas in Cloud Computing. Check out the Edx - Cloud Computing Courses, list of what you should have a basic idea of, from Cloud Academy, or try Coursera - Cloud Computing Basics.

Books To Look Into


  • Cloud Architecting With Google Cloud Professional Certificate
  • Architecting With Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization

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