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  1. Essential Maths for programmers - Very relevant especially for self-taught programmers.


  1. Khan Academy Pre-Calculus and Calculus
  2. 3Blue1Brown - his Differential Calculus and Linear Algebra series are short, fascinating, and extremely easy to understand. One of the biggest Mathematics YT channel recommended for CS / SE / IT students.


  1. Discrete Maths (TBD)

Data Structure & Algorithms [TBD]

The concepts in Data Structures / Algorithms by themselves aren’t hard - however, it’s the creativity and implementation of those ideas that makes people think a lot. An easy way to get very good at Data Structures / Algorithms is to just keep practicing and practicing. Look up LeetCode and CodeForces that have TONS of questions for Data Structures / Algorithms.

While practically, you will rarely ever need to write the code for the data structures from scratch by yourself, and you will most likely use a third party library and that is already optimized in many different ways, you should know what to use, and where one data structure is better than some other data structure, and why exactly that is the case.

What other resources can you find? Try out,


  1. Competitive Programming contains from easy to in depth practical analysis of data structures for implementation.
  2. Book - Introduction to Algorithms is heavily recommended in data structure courses, but it can be heavy and too much to digest since it is a really long book. If you’re already familiar with all of these, and are still reading, but want some theoratical sense of what the underlying ideas are behind the Data Structures / Algorithms, please do read this book.
  3. The Algorithm Design Manual is an excellent hands on guide for quickly getting to the practical parts of how algorithms work. A must recommend.


  1. MIT Open CourseWare - CS 6.006, a must for students bored of their current curriculum and looking at what MIT has to offer.



  1. Visualgo.net is a pretty excellent place if you want a general visual overview of all the different kinds of tools that we have in Data Structures.

  2. Interesting & nifty articles on various Data-Structures topics in C++ (contributed by Shahzaib Khan).

  3. Some related posts on Facebook page,

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