Web Development

Table Of Contents



  1. For all your JS needs, JavaScript Info!

  2. For newbies wanting a more comprehensive and detailed guide, MDN Web Docs!

  3. Freecodecamp.org/news

For further references or a bigger picture, or future reading,

  1. Web Dev 2020 Roadmap - Traversy Media
  2. Web Skills - A visual overview of useful skills to learn as a web developer


  1. Coding Tech

  2. Colt Steel

  3. Traversy Media

  4. As always, FreeCodeCamp!

  5. Web Dev Simplified

  6. Learn Code Academy

  7. Fireship

  8. The Net Ninja

  9. Level Up Tuts

  10. Dev Ed


  1. A collection of cheatsheets Devhints.io

  2. Offline documentations Devdocs.io

  3. Collection of resources Webgems.io

  4. Freecodecamp.org/learn

  5. Practice with challenges: Frontendmentor.io